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ABP Safety LLC is a consulting firm dedicated to improve the safety and efficiency of your operations.  Personalized services for

                    - business aviation operators and handlers,

                    - airliners,

                    - aerodromes and ,

                    - FBOs. 

We support you

  • Audits for IS-BAO and IS-BAH registration​
  • SMS development, implementation and training
  • Safety Training: ALAR - CFIT Accident Prevention. Human Factors, CRM, TRM
  • NEW: FATIGUE IN AVIATION "The silent hazard"
  • Emergency Response Plan for efficiency and effectiveness (reaction-action-restoration)
  • Operation manuals development
  • Accident Investigation and litigation
  • Operational Quality and Regulatory compliance
  • Operation reliability and safety appraisal (ORSA)
  • SMS 101.   SMS in plain language


Capt. Luis Garcia offers more than 40 years of experience in world-wide aviation safety at your service. 

Working with you to design the ideal safety program to fit your needs,  identifying your operational hazards and controlling the risks to ensure the safest  environment for your flight and/or ground operations.

Audits performed in USA, Europe, Mexico and Latin America ensures that you will get the most out of your IS-BAO/BAH audit.


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Human Factors

There is no "error-free human" so far.  So, the safest organizations have recognized the value of human factors in containing error consequences .  You can learn from them and excel as an error-tolerant organization and start minimizing losses.  Get the know-how.

Measuring safety - assuring progress (SPIs)

Safety performance is key to the quality of your operations and to the end result of your services. Learn how to measure safety on a day-to-day basis, and early identification of under-performance before it affects your budget. 

"There can be change without progress, but there cannot be progress without change"


"Puede haber cambio sin progreso, pero no puede haber progreso sin cambio"

Safety Culture

Prepare all members of your organization to believe in safety and act accordingly.    

Customer Testimonials

"Thank you Luis for your continued support of the program, you’re one of our finest auditors."


"Estimado Cap. Luis García muchas gracias por el profesionalismo en la auditoria y recomendaciones para seguir trabajando en pro de la Seguridad en la Aviación"


"Hello Luis,

IBAC received the attached audit feedback, which indicates the operator's positive opinion of your work. We sincerely appreciate your commitment to excellence!"



Muchas Gracias por todos tus comentarios para mejorar nuestras operaciones."


"Luis, Once again many thanks for the very professional approach during the audit"


"Es destacable el gran rigor y profesionalidad con los que ha trabajado el Sr. Garcia en todo momento. Su análisis detallado de publicaciones del sector, así como su bagage en la operación de aeronaves y su seguridad, han sido determinantes para la investigación del accidente y el esclarecimiento de sus causas."


Take your operations to the next level of safety 

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