Get all the benefits of the SMS

Implementing the Safety Management Systems (SMS) is easier than it looks. 

Safety Risk Management and Safety Assurance, two  processes that will provide confidence for the  safe planning and execution of your operations

ERP.  Be prepared, always ready to act

Avoid making things worse.  A quick and effective response requires preparation and practice to cope with the fundamentals of an  emergency:  Communications - Coordination - Control

Prepare your best response team and be ready!


Comply with the health-safety regulations and best practices at the workplace. 

Enforce the use of personal protective equipment.  Avoid accidents


Detect your vulnerabilities. Implement all the regulatory measures to protect people, facilities, equipment and aircraft from acts of unlawful interference. 


Train highly efficient teams on Total Resource Management  to deliver, produce results and achieve the highest level of safety in operations.

Professional profile

Capt. Luis Garcia

Recognized by the most prestigious aviation safety organizations in the world and the airline community. Capt. Garcia accumulated more than 20,000 hours through his flying career. As flight instructor, he trained many of the current airline and general aviation captains. His in-depth knowledge of flight operations and training was acquired throughout his life as pilot, flight instructor, check pilot, fleet supervisor and operations manager at the airline. All these positions allowed him to create and implement several training programs like the first integrated cockpit-cabin crew CRM, and contribute to the development of others such as LOFT, CFIT, AQP, and more.

After being appointed as Safety Manager of his airline, Capt. Garcia heightened the role of the safety department to top management level with direct line of report to the CEO, and became the first SVP Safety, Security and Quality in office. His success served as a role model to the airlines of the region.

His leadership extended internationally by being founder and Chairman of several safety committees in Latin America. One of the most outstanding prevention programs of the time was the introduction of the Flight Safety Foundation ALAR Tool Kit. Thanks to the collaboration of all mayor aviation industry groups, including Civil Aviation Authorities, a significant reduction of the accident rate in the region was achieved.

Capt. Garcia has been a member of the most influential aviation industry groups and learned from the best at IFALPA, FSF, IATA, ALTA, Canaero, PAAST. As an ICAO Panel Member representing IFALPA for over 11 years, he worked on the development of the ICAO SARPs for the then future satellite-based CNS/ATM systems. His role was to ensure that all operational requirements and concerns for the safety of the flight operations were addressed and incorporated into the ICAO technical Annexes. He was on a 3-year worldwide tour giving conferences to promote the implementation of the new satellite systems.

In the General and Business aviation world, Cap Garcia was Director of an FBO in Texas for almost three years, took courses on FBO success and NATA Safety First program, being accredited as a Line Service Technician.

Among other accreditation, Capt. Garcia is also an aircraft accident investigator with more than 100 occurrences investigations, including 4 mayor accidents in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Spain. He obtained credits as SMS Instructor, OSHA, Oil rigs safety, and CRM coaching at socio-technical industries. He is also a master auditor for aerodromes and quality systems.

In 2013, he founded ABP Safety LLC, a consulting firm focused on improving the safety and integrity of operations in aviation organizations. Two years later with all his background, he applied and obtained the acceptance from IBAC to become an IS-BAO and IS-BAH accredited auditor. Now with more than 20 audits around the world he is proudly expanding his list of satisfied customers.

Several awards and safety recognition from the industry support his products developed with a practical vision like: Company Safe (appraisal), CCP Model (prevention), FAST FACTS (Emergency response) and SMS 101, just to name a few. All of them unique programs and systems that ABP Safety LLC, offers you to enhance the overall safety performance and reliability of your flight operations.